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What is Breast Augmentation? (Breast Enlargement Procedure)

Perky and full looking breasts which seemed a mirage before is now a reality, thanks to the advances in science. This procedure makes the woman feel more complete.

US FDA approved silicon cohesive gel implants are now used all over the world and are now available in different shapes and sizes depending on eth breast tissue present, size and shape of the chest etc.Breast implants have been proven to be safe and does not affect functions of the breast. Nor do they cause or increase the chance of tumors or breast cancer. Even breast feeding can be done normally later.

The scars of surgery are well hidden and the breasts look and feel natural.

The surgery is done as a day care procedure and is carried out in our Cosmetic Surgical Center in India under general anesthesia. An implant (prosthesis) is placed through an incision usually in the breast crease, under the breast tissue or under the muscle.

Types of breast implants

Implants can be broadly classified as SALINE and SILICON breast implants depending on its contents.

Saline implants are composed of a silicon shell in which sterile saline is filled. At one time these were the only type of implants which were approved by the US FDA for cosmetic breast enlargement . Saline breast implants are very safe, but have shown long term problems of rippling, sloshing and deflation

Silicone breast implants are available in the round or circular (most commonly used) as well as the anatomic or 'teardrop' shape. These are also available as low, moderate and high profile. They now have cohesive gel in it which does not leak even if there is a puncture. They have now been approved by the US FDA and are extensively used all over the world. Only Mentor and Mcghan implants are US FDA approved.

Pre Surgical Evaluation for Breast Augmentation

A clinical examination is performed after the initial consultation to assess the breast architecture including size, symmetry, proportion to rest of the body and any other anomalies. Any breast disease if present is noted.

The size of the implant chosen to be used will depend on 5 key factors -

Your expectation/desire
The size of your chest
Volume of breast tissue that you already have
Skin envelope of the breast
Any droop of the breast tissue specially seen after breast feeding

Access / Incision for breast augmentation

The two most common approaches for breast enlargement are-

Infra mammary- The incision is made below the breast in the breast crease and is usually 5-7 cms. Long.This is the most hidden portion of the breast and most women prefer to have the access from this area.
The circum areolar approach-the cut is at the edge of the areola in the lower or upper half. This is used in ladies who do not plan any more pregnancies as part of the milk apparatus is injured after this incision.

The less used approaches in the Indian set up are the Trans axillary approach which employs an incision in the crease in the under arm area (scar is very prominently seen when arms are raised). TUBA or Trans umbilical breast augmentation uses access from the navel using endoscopy instrumentation. Both these approaches are possible with saline implants, the use of which is decreasing since USFDA approval for cohesive gel implants.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The breast implant surgery takes about 2 hours to complete. The space / pocket for the implant is made in any of the following locations -

Below the gland (sub glandular)
Below the muscle (sub muscular), or
Dual plane (where the upper half of the implant is below the muscle and lower half below the gland).

The pocket is dissected with meticulous technique using fiber optic special illuminating devices and magnification. The pocket size is checked and the breast size so achieved by using sizers. The right size implant is then placed in the pocket by the no touch technique so as to prevent any complications. Small tubes to drain off the collecting fluid may be placed, which are removed in 24-48 hours.

Post Breast Implants Surgery

In the immediate post operative period minor discomfort, feeling of stretch, swelling and bruising can be expected. Most patients are able to start normal daily activities starting the next day and return to office work in 2-3 days' time. Decreased sensation over the breast can occur and usually recovers in a couple of weeks.

24 Hour Service

For most of our patients, getting back to work early is a priority. A special set of exercises instituted on the first post operative day helps to reduce the discomfort and tight feeling after surgery.

Complications are rare following breast augmentation. Serous fluid or blood, sensory changes, infection, implants mal position are the early complications that are very infrequent.

Infection can occur in the early post operative period and the rate is less than 1%. Antibiotic treatment resolves the infection in most cases. Rarely if the infection does not settle then we need to remove the implant and replace it 12 weeks after the infection has cured.

Capsular contracture can occur as a late complication. Body forms a fibrous capsule around the implant, which can thicken and distort the implant in some cases. Capsular contracture rates at our centre have been much lower than international standards, thanks to our protocol of preventive measures. Breast exercises instituted 2 weeks after the surgery and continued for a year afterwards go a long way in preventing capsular contracture.

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