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Breast Lift
After certain breast lose their stiffness and shape, usually due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or loss of weight, smoking and even large breasts causes breasts to droop drastically. Also, the nipple and areola starts to lose their hardness and they look downwards after certain age. Mastopexy is the most effective treatment to give beautiful shape to breasts and to reposition them in previous position. Sometimes breast implants is the only treatment left to regain the volume and shape of breasts.

If you go through Mastopexy after pregnancy then your breasts will normally tend to enlarge in a proper way and you can also use suitable bra that will offer good support.

Breast Lift Procedure

The type of breast lift surgery depends on few existing facts, such as current breasts size and how much your breasts and breasts skin have been loosened after having health issues.

With breast implant surgery, doctors can help you in regaining lost volume of breasts and in repositioning of nipples. It can be done by simple implant surgery and by removing extra amount of skin around the areola which will leave fewer scars which are completely hidden.

Dropped breasts certainly need reposition of nipples and areola as well as breasts tissues. Removal of extra skin of breasts also include in this treatment which will leave small scar which will look like lollipop. These scars will disappear after few days.

Post surgery

The breast would be well padded and have tube drains which would be left in place for 24-48 hours. After surgery, antibiotic cream and gauze will help to cover stitches. Antibiotic and pain killer is advised for about 7-10 days. It is strictly recommended not to lift hands above your head and to perform strong exercise for almost 3 weeks. Also, any type of breast fondling is not allowed for at least 6 weeks from the day surgery.

Most common surgical risks which can be found more in smokers and diabetics, such as bleeding and infection which causes late healing of incision and also causes wide scars. Such surgery scar will remain at least for few months and will usually become dark or pink. Such scars are not guaranteed to get completely invisible even after months of surgery. Any results, such as less sensation of nipples are absolutely normal and commonly complained by every woman who has went through breast implant surgery; this condition improves after some months as the swelling of the breast becomes less and you again feel sensation on nipples.

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Before After
Breast Lift Before and After Picture
Before After
Before After Breast Lift Surgery
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